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Pilatus PC-24 PIC and SIC Pilot Services


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3-Green Aviation, LLC offers contract single-pilot and crew pilot services in the Pilatus PC-24. Insurance requirements often mandate two type rated PC-24 pilots to operate the aircraft. We are happy to help your flight department keep its obligations when an additional pilot or two are needed. We maintain annual PC-24 recurrent training through FlightSafety International in Dallas.

If you are looking for a pilot to help with an entry into service aircraft, look no further then Jed Johnson. If you want to know how to extract all the performance capability of your PC24, call Jed. If you are wondering what the PC24 is like in icing, call Jed; he was part of the ice certification team for the PC24. For a new airframe such as the PC24, Jed is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge and an invaluable resource. If you heard some “tribal knowledge” from one instructors at school about a particular nuance of the aircraft certification, you can bet it came from Jed. And the best part is, Jed is someone you would want to hang out with after the training is done.
Scott Armstrong
Jed is a lifesaver.
We were in desperate need for an additional instructor pilot to assist with line training one of our pilots.
Jed dropped all of his scheduled moving day “high stress” events to accommodate our request. During that week he saved the day when our second PC24 was grounded due to a window malfunction, Jed was on the phone arranging shipment before I was aware of the problem. Awesome team member.
Thank you
Steve Cirino, Rocky Mountain Sport Jets/UHaul Intl


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