Go to any of the Book Now buttons which will take you to the Book Now page.  Scheduling involves matching the type of training, number of pilots, location and requested time frame to our availability.  Since each class is different, we initiate scheduling with the Request Form and go from there.

When we travel to your location, customary travel expenses will be invoiced to include: Airfare, Ground Transportation and Tolls, Hotel, Mileage (if our personal car is used), Airport Parking, Meal Per Diem ($100), Gratuities.

Yes!  It is recommended to have a second pilot fly with you if you are not familiar with international travel.  Depending on the country visited, a flight handling service will be utilized.  Since international travel is more involved than domestic travel, International Travel is charged at $1,600 per day.
We NEVER shut down the engine in flight.  To create a simulated engine failure, the Power Control Lever is advanced to simulate a feathered propeller position and accurate glide rate.
Yes!  Charged at 50% for each additional pilot.
Yes! All participants will meet together for ground school then each pilot will work independently or in pairs for the respective cockpit and flight portions. When scheduling, select additional class type in the second options window. If more class types are needed, please add a note in the Other Information section.