Predeparture checklist

Please feel free to download the form and use it for your reference.

Shane is an excellent and patient instructor. He has an enormous amount of knowledge about the PC12 and incorporates real world practical situations into his training. Shane will show you how to put the PC12 through its paces while gaining the systems understanding a pilot needs to know. I would highly recommend Shane for initial or recurrent PC12 training.
Brent W. McCasland, President CalTech
This is a follow up to thank you once again for exceptional training in N283CU. As you know we train annually at Flight Safety and go thru their full motion 5 day training course which is good, however, we do not get the real life feel of the Pilatus especially on take offs, landings, and true visual surroundings of flight maneuvers and emergency procedures that you get in the actual plane.

This is why we train with you annually giving us focused training every 6 months between Flight Safety and actual recurrent in the plane over the gorgeous mountains of Montrose. At Flight Safety I always feel that it is an intense training atmosphere where you have to pass a test and thus I don’t get a lot of training while in the sim. More of check the boxes that are performed to a particular maneuver per standards.

Bill Scaff
Flexible and Efficient: With Shane at 3-Green Aviation, I was able to complete the initial course in 3 days. Ground school provided me with a comprehensive overview of the legacy PC-12 systems, and emergency procedures while in flight training solidified my understanding of the systems/procedures in action. No fuel or time wasted! I highly recommend 3 Green for in-aircraft PC-12 training. 
Edouard Ronveaux