How 3-Green Aviation Was Founded

After four years with Pilatus, the desire to raise a family away from Denver took precedence, prompting the change from demonstration pilot to corporate and mentor pilot.  Post simulator training requirements often dictated time in the aircraft with a qualified pilot.  Many clients liked Shane’s teaching style and patience which lead to numerous requests for Insurance Approved Initial and Recurrent training.  The name “Shane Jordan Pilot Services” was changed to “3-Green Aviation, LLC” and a new career path began.

Since 2011, Shane has provided hundreds of initial and recurrent classes (approximately 50+ per year). Focused solely on the PC-12 and its pilots, 3-Green Aviation’s reputation and testimonies tell a tale of practical and meaningful training. In late 2020, Shane earned his single-pilot Pilatus PC-24 type rating and is excited to offer pilot services in this new capacity.

This is a follow up to thank you once again for exceptional training in N283CU. As you know we train annually at Flight Safety and go thru their full motion 5 day training course which is good, however, we do not get the real life feel of the Pilatus especially on take offs, landings, and true visual surroundings of flight maneuvers and emergency procedures that you get in the actual plane.

This is why we train with you annually giving us focused training every 6 months between Flight Safety and actual recurrent in the plane over the gorgeous mountains of Montrose. At Flight Safety I always feel that it is an intense training atmosphere where you have to pass a test and thus I don’t get a lot of training while in the sim. More of check the boxes that are performed to a particular maneuver per standards. 

Bill Scaff
Shane is an excellent and patient instructor. He has an enormous amount of knowledge about the PC12 and incorporates real world practical situations into his training. Shane will show you how to put the PC12 through its paces while gaining the systems understanding a pilot needs to know. I would highly recommend Shane for initial or recurrent PC12 training.
Brent W. McCasland, President CalTech
I have been lucky and privileged to train with Shane on a yearly basis for the last 4 years.  I can’t say enough about Shane’s knowledge of the PC-12 and his calm instructing ability.   Training with Shane has shown me how extremely valuable it is to train in the airplane you fly on a daily basis.   At the beginning of 2019 I was still employed by the Phoenix Police Department Air

Support Unit.  Our command staff also saw the value of Shane’s training and brought him out to provide recurrent training to our PC-12 pilots.  I have also flown with several owner/operators that have echoed my above statements in regard to Shane’s recurrent training.  More recently I have spoken to some owner/operators that feel that training once a year is not enough and believe training every 6 months would be more appropriate to maintain their skill level.  They suggested alternating between in airplane training with Shane and simulator training.  I believe this training regimen would give you the best of both worlds; training in your own airplane with Shane, and simulator training to cover things you can’t do in the airplane.  Thank you, Shane, for continuing to challenge me every time we fly together!!

Jesse Plath , Former Fixed Wing Chief Pilot, Phoenix Police Department Air Support Unit - Retired