ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI, Single Pilot Type Rated PC-24

A highly specialized aircraft needs to be taught by a highly specialized instructor. Exclusively operating Pilatus PC-12 and PC-24 aircraft. Logged over 7,500-hours Pilatus model aircraft, and over 4,500-hours of PC-12 instruction in type, to include over 550 Initial,
Recurrent and Transition Classes given.

Solo Age 16 / Private Pilot Certificate at Age 17

Flight Instructor Since 1995

Pilatus Demonstration Pilot

Pilatus Corporate Pilot

Pilatus Mentor Pilot

Insurance Approved Pilatus PC-12 Instructor: Initial / Recurrent / Differences

Total Flight Time: 9,500 Hours

Mountain Experience: My aviation career began in Colorado, which puts me in a unique position to offer specialized mountain training. Based in Montrose, CO (KMTJ), one of the training options I offer is a Mountain Flying Course. Several high-altitude and challenging airports are practiced; additional instruction in aircraft performance and mountain-specific meteorology is included. I recommend this training option to enhance pilot skills and overall confidence.

World Experience: In 2014, I had the life-changing opportunity to fly with Amelia Rose Earhart on a flight around the world, symbolically recreating the original Amelia Mary Earhart flight (with success in mind). FLIGHT AROUND THE WORLD.  In addition, I have experience flying to and training pilots internationally. Destinations have included: Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, Costa Rica, Ecuador, St Maarten, Mexico, Caribbean, Canada.

I look forward to flying with you!

Shane Jordan

As a long-time instructor, it didn’t take long for me to recognize Shane’s exceptional skill for taking complex topics and making them understandable. He was patient and likable, never condescending or belligerent, and never made me feel like he was disappointed in a botched exercise, yet he was able to allow me see my weaknesses and helped me develop the skills I needed to strengthen them. His knowledge of the PC-12 is ridiculous, and he’s happy to share it. Training in the airplane was fantastic. I really can’t recommend Shane enough.
Chip Gibbons

This was by far the best training I have received in the PC-12. The Pilatus PC-12 Recurrent Course, ground school was conducted on my 1st day of two. The eight-hour interactive; Power point slides and discussions were outstanding! Shane tailored training to our experience and our desires to go down to the nuts and bolts. Highly informative and pertinent to the safe operations of the PC-12 from a “Current Pilot” of the PC-12. For the next day after consultation with Shane, we decided to do a cross-country flight. This is more of what I do with the airplane. Shane was very receptive to my desires and training needs. During the flight we were able to talk; Aircraft Systems, Avionics, Airspace, Weather and conduct Simulated Emergencies in the aircraft and discuss realistic solutions in the air while flying the aircraft.

The scenarios that Shane introduced were, very realistic without putting the aircraft and our ourselves into any kind of danger or unsafe situation. I believe this is some of the best realistic training, I have received in my 35 plus years of flying. I was an Air Force Instructor Pilot who taught at Randolph AFB “PIT”. This is where we taught other Air Force Pilots on how to be an Air Force Instructor Pilots. I was also an Instructor Pilot and Evaluator at the US Air Force Academy. I am Currently Flying the B787 internationally for a major Airline. I would recommend any Pilot / Owner in the PC-12 to use 3-Green Aviation; “Pilatus PC-12 Recurrent Course”, especially if done in their own aircraft.

Gerald Peaslee


ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, single pilot Type Rated PC-24, CE-525

Nearly 12,000 hours total time over the last 37 years including 8,500 hours in Pilatus made aircraft to include all versions of the PC-12 including NGX and the PC-24.

I joined Pilatus at the beginning of 1997, it’s been an honor as well as a tremendous experience to be a part of the development of the PC-12 and PC-24. I look forward to the opportunity to be out in the field again working directly with the owners and operators of these amazing machines!

  • 12 years as Chief Pilot for Pilatus, 12 years of Sales/Demo flying
  • Domestic / International demo / ferry flights – Europe and S. America
  • Production and Experimental Flight Test for OEM
  • Formation Qualified with 23 years of air-air photo experience
  • CRM / Safety Culture in challenging and unique cockpit crewing
  • Interface with world wide network of factory personnel, dealers,pilots, and maintenance providers as aircraft / systems subject matter expert, providing operational and technical guidance
  • B.S. International Business, Leeds School of Business University of Colorado, Boulder – 1990   
  • Evaluation, testing and development of simulators and training
  • Coordination of Airworthiness / RVSM / Aircraft Documentation
  • PDR / CDR level review for viability of future programs/systems
  • Familiarization / Mentor flying for customers and dealer network
  • Fluent in Honeywell, Garmin, Collins and Universal Avionics
  • Sim Ops SIPO/SIT FS1000 Initial – FlightSafety International
  • Current International Procedures Course – FlightSafety International


I have had the opportunity to work with Jed over the last three years in his capacities as an instructor, mentor, and contract pilot. Jed is a natural and confidence inspiring instructor, a Pilot’s pilot, and a consummate professional. Training in-aircraft, particularly for tasks such as IOE/Mentoring and differences training, is an invaluable addition to traditional simulator training and Jed has made this both time and cost effective. His knowledge of Pilatus aircraft is second to none, and his calm demeanor and welcoming personality makes potentially stressful endeavors a true pleasure.
David Morris, Senior Pilot, PC24, U-Haul International
If you are looking for a pilot to help with an entry into service aircraft, look no further then Jed Johnson. If you want to know how to extract all the performance capability of your PC24, call Jed. If you are wondering what the PC24 is like in icing, call Jed; he was part of the ice certification team for the PC24. For a new airframe such as the PC24, Jed is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge and an invaluable resource. If you heard some “tribal knowledge” from one instructors at school about a particular nuance of the aircraft certification, you can bet it came from Jed. And the best part is, Jed is someone you would want to hang out with after the training is done.
Scott Armstrong
Jed is a lifesaver.
We were in desperate need for an additional instructor pilot to assist with line training one of our pilots.
Jed dropped all of his scheduled moving day “high stress” events to accommodate our request. During that week he saved the day when our second PC24 was grounded due to a window malfunction, Jed was on the phone arranging shipment before I was aware of the problem. Awesome team member.
Thank you
Steve Cirino, Rocky Mountain Sport Jets/UHaul Intl



Master Instructor logo

Over 2500 hours of flight instruction given in a variety of aircraft.  PC-12NG Chief Pilot and Aircraft Manager for Part 91 operation 2015-2019.  Learn from someone who knows the ropes in owning and operating the PC-12 aircraft. 

Flight Instructor Since 1997

Master Flight Instructor since 2013

Pilatus Mentor Pilot

Insurance Approved Pilatus Instructor: Initial / Recurrent / Differences

Total Flight Time: 4,400 Hours

Jim Mccord

Aviation Experience: My aviation career began in Ohio during my college days.  Flying as a student pilot out of Cleveland Hopkins International airport (now Class B airspace) taught me how to use the radio and work with air traffic control from day-one.  Since then I’ve flown VFR and IFR in busy East Coast and West Coast airspace, and many places in between.

In 2000 I moved to Santa Rosa California.  I provide mountain flying training in the Sierras and Coastal mountain ranges; manage a Part 91 PC-12NG; provide regular safety seminars as a FAASTeam Lead representative; and deal with local aviation issues as a Sonoma County Aviation Commissioner.

Other Experience: In addition to my aviation activities I work for a technology company focused on adult education and improving the training experience for key employees.  My goal is to make your training experience challenging, fulfilling and most of all valuable to you so that you know and fly the PC-12 better than you ever have.

I look forward to training with you!

Jim McCord

Having trained at all the Part 142 Training Centers in the US, and looking for a new challenge and perspective for our 9th recurrent event in the PC-12, we selected 3-Green Aviation, LLC to meet our needs.  We were not disappointed.  I found the ground instruction well formatted and thorough, and the flying both fun and challenging.  There isn’t a simulator in existence that can fully replicate the experience of sitting in the seat with the real world outside the window.  The flight training was conducted safely and professionally while still realistic and challenging.  I look forward to training with 3 Green again next year.

Jesse Dykman, Stewart Builders Inc. N696NG