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Pilatus PC-12 NG & NGX Transition


(Additional Pilots 50% Each)

Training Syllabus – 2 1/2 Day

Ground Course:

  • Aircraft General / Limitations / Performance Charts / Weight & Balance
  • Aircraft Preflight / Cockpit Orientation / Aircraft Operations & Flows / Advanced Avionics (GPU Required)
  • Aircraft Systems and Description
  • Abnormal Conditions / Emergency Procedures / Emergency Checklists
  • Factors in Aeronautical Decision Making

Advance study materials will be sent upon booking. Your home study will enable efficient use of our time together.

Flight Course:

  • Flight Briefing
  • General Aircraft Procedures / Normal or GPU Start / Pre-Departure
  • Takeoff and Departure Procedures
  • VFR and IFR Airwork
  • Abnormal Conditions and Simulated Emergency Procedures
  • IFR Approaches and Landings in All Configurations / Missed Approaches
  • Flight De-Briefing


This is a compare and contrast course which focuses on the differences between PC-12 Legacy aircraft and PC-12 NG aircraft. Moving into the NG requires a separate course since the Honeywell Apex avionics suite is completely different from the previous models; additional systems differences require extra attention as well.  Once you understand the differences, you won’t want to look back!

Scheduling varies with each class and number of participants.  Here is a general guide on how many days we will need for your particular Differences Training:

1/2 day cockpit orientation / avionics with a GPU (only 2 pilots can participate with each session)

1 day flight training:  (2) 3-hour flights PER PILOT

1/2 day ground class with all participants

Note 1: You will need to complete a home study of the systems, limitations, flows, watch the Honeywell videos plus complete a Systems Review Test sent with your Training Materials prior to your class date.

Note 2: Additional pilots are welcome to join and observe on training flights.

Insurance Companies Approved…

Many Aviation Insurance Underwriters approve In-Aircraft Differences Training on a case by case annual or biannual basis. Please contact your broker as an initial step in understanding your particular requirements; feel free to have your broker reach out if they have any questions info@3greenaviation.com.

Note: 3-Green Aviation, LLC is required to be listed on your Insurance Policy as Additional Insured with a Waiver of Subrogation.

Immediately after meeting Shane for my NG difference training, it became clear how much he knows about the PC 12 platform. His training was thorough but not the least bit intimidating. He took an otherwise stressful endeavor and turned it into an excellent learning experience. I would highly recommend Shane to anyone working on their initial or recurrent training in the Pilatus.

Tiernan Siems, Attorney and Pilot

As an owner/pilot of a PC 12 NG I was interested in obtaining my recurrent training in the most efficient, enjoyable, and cost effective way possible. For this reason I decided to try 3-Green Aviation and Shane Jordan whose training program is acceptable to most companies insuring the PC 12. I was particularly interested in using my own airplane rather than a simulator for the in-flight portion of the recurrent training. I was able to complete the training from my own home base in two days thus saving the travel time while having the pleasure of flying my own airplane.

To me, however, the most important advantage of the program offered by 3-Green Aviation was the ground school portion.

Hugh M., Eaton III

I found that being able to go one on one with Shane at my own pace allowed me to go in depth into those areas where I needed more help, without the distraction and inhibition of others. Shane’s knowledge of the PC 12’s systems is complete and deep. Furthermore, Shane has an easy manner and is a very good communicator. Never once did I feel pressured to move on when I needed to spend more time on a particular subject. The additional cost of using my own airplane rather than a simulator was mostly, if not completely, offset by the fact that I incurred no travel or hotel expense and saved one or two days in travel time. The bottom line is that all things considered I achieved my objective in a cost effective way.

For anyone whose objectives are similar to mine I would highly recommend 3-Green Aviation and Shane Jordan.

Hugh M., Eaton III
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