Pilatus PC-12 Mountain Flying


(Additional Pilots 50% Each)

Training Syllabus 1-Day

Ground Course: 3 hours

  • Mountain Meteorology
  • Density Altitude and Aircraft Performance
  • Human Factors: Physiology / Decision Making
  • Airport Operations
  • General Mountain Flying / Emergency Operations
  • IFR Operations

Flight Course: 3+ Hours

  • Visual and Instrument Approaches into Aspen (KASE), Eagle County (KEGE), Leadville (KLXV)
  • Departure Procedures and Missed Approach Procedures
  • Optional Approaches at Telluride (KTEX), Rifle (KRIL) or Steamboat Springs (KSBS) or other airports you might be interested in visiting, time permitting

Note: We carry Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance; terms of the policy require 3-Green Aviation, LLC to be listed on your policy as Additional Insured with a Waiver of Subrogation.


If you plan on flying into mountainous terrain during your flying career or if you want to sharpen your skills and expand your experience envelope, it behooves you to sign up for the Mountain Flying Course.  The mountains command a great deal of respect and prior knowledge can help you make the right decisions when operating among them.

Scheduling varies with each class and number of participants.  Here is a general guide on how many days we will need for your particular Differences Training:

1/2 day ground class with all participants

1/2 day flight training: (1) 3-hour flight PER PILOT


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