Pilatus PC-12 NG & NGX Transition


(Additional Pilots 50% Each)

Training Syllabus – 2 1/2 Day

Ground Course:

  • Aircraft General / Limitations / Performance Charts / Weight & Balance
  • Aircraft Preflight / Cockpit Orientation / Aircraft Operations & Flows / Advanced Avionics (GPU Required)
  • Aircraft Systems and Description
  • Abnormal Conditions / Emergency Procedures / Emergency Checklists
  • Factors in Aeronautical Decision Making

Advance study materials will be sent upon booking. Your home study will enable efficient use of our time together.

Flight Course:

  • Flight Briefing
  • General Aircraft Procedures / Normal or GPU Start / Pre-Departure
  • Takeoff and Departure Procedures
  • VFR and IFR Airwork
  • Abnormal Conditions and Simulated Emergency Procedures
  • IFR Approaches and Landings in All Configurations / Missed Approaches
  • Flight De-Briefing


This is a compare and contrast course which focuses on the differences between PC-12 Legacy aircraft and PC-12 NG aircraft. Moving into the NG requires a separate course since the Honeywell Apex avionics suite is completely different from the previous models; additional systems differences require extra attention as well.  Once you understand the differences, you won’t want to look back!

Scheduling varies with each class and number of participants.  Here is a general guide on how many days we will need for your particular Differences Training:

1/2 day cockpit orientation / avionics with a GPU (only 2 pilots can participate with each session)

1 day flight training:  (2) 3-hour flights PER PILOT

1/2 day ground class with all participants

Note 1: You will need to complete a home study of the systems, limitations, flows, watch the Honeywell videos plus complete a Systems Review Test sent with your Training Materials prior to your class date.

Note 2: Additional pilots are welcome to join and observe on training flights.

Insurance Companies Approved…

Many Aviation Insurance Underwriters approve In-Aircraft Differences Training on a case by case annual or biannual basis. Please contact your broker as an initial step in understanding your particular requirements; feel free to have your broker reach out if they have any questions info@3greenaviation.com.

Note: 3-Green Aviation, LLC is required to be listed on your Insurance Policy as Additional Insured with a Waiver of Subrogation.


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